Best Cooling Pillow of 2019 Review (Stays cold ALL NIGHT!)

it’s a pillow that promises to stay cool all nighttime long I’m gonna chipped this bad boy open evidence you why it’s better than my pillow and more coming right up still cool to the touch great to be with you I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt granite I’m such a fan of this lozenge such a fan of you guys for watching I experiment a great deal of life-style a lot of tech makes and I know a lot of you got more excited when I do tech but they’re technically is sleep technology built into this pillow if you think about the pillows that you use and I’m gonna trimmed this open show you what it looks like on the inside a pillow that will actually stay cool all light long is a pillow we can all use for two different reasons yes this is kind of like that whole remembrance foam thing a lot of you get excited by but if you did not know why we’re perpetually threshing and turning to find the cool place of the pillow it’s because our form needs to drop one grade to enter that penetrating REM state so your figure actually knows that it needs to enter a penetrating drench deep territory of sleep not a tongue twister and no we’re not editing this video this pillow achieves that coolness for you I’ll evidence you how that works and then too I know some of you picture my research of my pillow and some of the other pillows on the market I like this one better exactly hurling that out there all right the link to score this slew situated right under the video screen let’s unbox and tear open the pillow the pillow comes out of this box there’s not really much Sun box but you can envision what the pillow looks like coming out of the box and now if you guys understand right here so this is how’s that recollection sud cause to it it’s a conglomerate pillow but not overly firm so “youre feeling” corroborated but your cervix and honcho do cradled in a really beautiful way and now I am going to cut open the pillow so this is not actually that easy to cut through so that’s good there we go alright let’s keep going outer layer of the pillow is removed oh oh this is cool I like this okay let’s keep going here let’s go to the internal seam so here you have the remember sud oh this is really cool to the touch this is actually perfectly magnificent let’s keep going down the lower blanket do “youve had” the foam in now let’s just cut through this so that you guys can see it’s not actually anything other than a cool gelatin so you can actually going to go down here there’s no liquid if you’re suppose that’s what it it’s it’s like a gel like character thing and extremely very cool to touch very cool actually to cut it open to be honest you it’s very rare you’ll verify engineering inside a pillow but there is a lot to new technologies wrapped up into this the other awesome components of this pillow is that it will keep your chief and neck at that optimal temperature as I mentioned to promote that deep sleep but it does cradle them so it’s reducing the pressure levels that they are able to otherwise cause tossing and turning it does promote the optimal spinal adjustment I have checked out with a chiropractor as well as a physical therapist so if you’re a back or feature sleeper it is going to work for you and then it also provides the therapeutic is consistent with a pillow at a crazy low price if you saw this pillow advertised on QVC HSN or elsewhere I will tell you I is somewhat questionable that a pillow would actually stay cool all nighttime long it does it’s not ice freezing to the touch but it is far cooler than anything you would ever handle and more importantly after having slept on it for 6 or 7 hours I will get up and it is still very cool to the touch so that’s a cool treat if you ask me if you want to score these savings merely expand that video description container right under me there are still you kind of lock the pillow deal I don’t know how long this pillow bargain will be around but if you’re ever worried that you’re gonna miss out on savings that I’ve passed along there’s a lot of beings that will actually going to be home and watch videos that were like nine ten months age-old and if you aren’t signed up with your notifications for nine you couldn’t miss out on the savings so if you would like to make sure you don’t miss out on any future agreements here’s what you can do click on my leader right here that’ll subscribe you to this channel if you need assistance turning on your notification so you don’t miss those alertings as the deals decline time click there and that last large-scale summary of spates I did it’s over here