Birch Plush Pillow Top Review – Chemical-Free And Comfortable?

Martin: hello guys, Martin right here from MattressClarity. Are you watching so as to add a luxurious pillow topto the highest of your mattress? Are you watching for some thing eco-friendly? Well, you will have come to the correct video. In these days, i’m watching at the Birch Plush PillowTop. I wish to talk concerning the design, my experiencewith it, who it is a just right match for, who it can be now not a good match for. Is it the proper match for you? Let’s find out. [music] Martin: I wish to speak concerning the design ofthe Birch. First I want to say if you wish to take alook at my list of top picks for mattress toppers, just google, "Mattress clarity bestmattress topper." With the Birch right here, it is three inches tall. The top cover right here is going to be organiccotton, very gentle, very breathable as good.Underneath that, you are going to have a layerof Birch wool proprietary to this enterprise. It is very breathable, it is usually very durableas good. It’s going to add some best fluff to the topof the topper and it is a fire retardant as good. Under that, you are going to have a layerof Talalay Latex. This latex is going to be very, very bouncy,in imaginative and prescient very long lasting as good and it will have to not entice the warmth the way in which reminiscence foam might.Overall, you could decide upon from twin, twin XL,full, queen, king, and California king. In terms of cost, it’s now $four hundred for a queen-sizedtopper. Now, I wish to speak about my expertise withthe Birch Plush Pillow high. First off, you could need to know gettingit at your condo how speedy are you able to truly use it? Are you going to have one of the vital off-gassmell you get with one of the crucial mattress topper. With this mattress topper here, I took itout of the field. Seeing that there may be latex in it, it used to be readyto go right away.There may be also none of that common chemicalsmell. There may be that earthy scent you get with woolso that’s simply whatever you word in that respect. In phrases of firmness, I put this on prime ofa mattress that used to be almost a 9 out of 10. Mendacity on this topper on top of that mattress,it introduced right down to an eight.5 or an 8 so you’re taking off about half a point or a point infirmness. In terms of snoozing positions, on my again,it can be a very, very good match for me. My hips sink in just a little bit into thattopper.Also feeling some high-quality lumbar support. Softens the mattress up sufficient that my hipssink in the proper quantity. Very, superb for back slumbering. Moving to my aspect, i am feeling some pressureon my shoulders and my hips. Nevertheless, i’m a larger man or woman. I’m 230 kilos. I suppose if you are light weight or medium weight,which you can consider some higher stress remedy than I did with this topper.Moving to my belly, it’s also a good matchfor me. Lying on my belly, my hips aren’t sinkingin whatsoever. I consider supported overall. I’m in quality, impartial alignment. A significant query people have about mattresstoppers is, is this going to have me sleeping hotter or cooler? For instance, with a reminiscence foam mattresstopper, that may entice some heat and direct it again to you so you honestly sleep hotter. Latex does not in most cases have this problem andthe Birch isn’t any exception. The latex does now not trap warmness. You even have some nice breathability withthe top duvet here and the wall so a good fit for scorching sleepers total. Let’s speak with the pros. Who I believe this topper might be a just right fitfor. First off, I think if you’re a gentle weightor medium weight person, you sleep for your back, aspect or belly, this would be a goodmatch for you. To your back, your hips sink in the rightamount, some high-quality little little bit of contouring as well.For your aspect some decent strain comfort onyour shoulders and your hips but in your belly, your hips shouldn’t sink in. You will have to think good overall help. Light weight, medium weight, any positionshould be a good suit for you. Moreover, if you want to add a luxurious pillowtop think to the highest of your mattress, but you do not want to purchase a whole new mattress,this is most likely a way to go. It has a luxurious feeling on the top but alsoit’s rather bouncy and responsive.A rather detailed latex suppose however with some ofthat pillow prime feels so a good healthy for many who need that form of feeling. In addition, in case you are looking for somethingeco-friendly, that is free of dangerous chemical compounds, the Birch must additionally give you the results you want. Once more, it is free of harmful chemicals, onlyuses all typical material so if you wish to have something smooth and cool below your face, definitelylook at this. Off of that as well, it is going to be a coolersleeping topper. It will probably have you ever dozing cold per se but it surely’snot going to entice warmth the way in which memory foam might. If you are a sizzling sleeper, i might definitelylook at this topper.Now, let’s talk concerning the cons. Who this topper might no longer be the excellent fitfor. First off, I believe if you’re a heavier sidesleeper, this might now not be the exceptional topper for you. When you’re lying to your facet, you mightpress further into the Birch. No longer consider the best strain comfort underneath yourshoulders and your hips. Additionally, if you’re looking for whatever that’sslow moving reminiscence consider, otherwise you slowly sink in, this isn’t the nice match for you. It has latex in it and wool so it has a bouncyand fluffy consider.Most commonly no longer the great prefer for humans wholike that memory foam consider. Last however now not least, it is correct now $four hundred fora queen size. It is high priced than quite a few toppers that Ireviewed so it might be outside of some people’s budgets. At this point you should know if the Birchis a just right choice for you. If you are no longer fairly so sure, they do offera one hundred-night sleep trial. They actually have a one year guarantee and freeshipping. That is about it. [inaudible 04:56] start watching at mattressesand bedding, most likely determine out mattressclarity.Com. If in case you have distinctive questions, you need apersonal recommendation, simply go away a remark below..