Building a queen size bed from 2×4 lumber

I wish to construct a queen size bedfor a pal making use of my plans. And that i picked up most of thelumber from the home Depot with my vehicle. Now theplans honestly call for a lot of 2 via 4’sand even 2 by three’s, however I truely boughtmostly 2 by means of 10’s, just considering that method I gotmuch higher nice lumber. I’ll begin by using makingthe aspect rails and i need to use someof the nicest watching lumber for that, becausethat’s essentially the most workable. And that facet rail needsto be 7 inches large. You heard that proper, 7 inches. I’m absolutely usinginches for this venture. These tremendous planer shavings surefill up a dirt collector speedy. Now that i have thepieces planed, i will reduce them to size. Now I need to glueon this rail, right here and that will latersupport the slats.Now for the legs I needa whole bunch of portions that are 2 half inches large. However, i’m going to reduce these to alittle bit wider from right here so i can trim them down later. Now i’m gonna join theleg pieces together and this is my lengthy piece and this goes right here, and this goes right here. These 2 boards are gonnaform the headboard with the posts on either aspect, like right here and like right here. And that i wish to provide this abit of a high-quality profile, so I modified the CAD model and freed up the template for this, and i am simply gonnatrace that through, by outlining these lineswith a chippie’s pencil. And so that it will leavea mark on the wood. For the mirrorimage, i’m tracing my sample by way of the back. I’m just utilizing a stripof wood to smooth out between the situation thatI traced through. Now, i’m just gonnaround-over the perimeters before I put theheadboard together. So, here is my gluedheadboard legs and i might smooth the jointsout with a hand airplane, but i’m going to just doit on my jointer.Right here is roughly what myheadboard is gonna go together like this. In my plans, i’ve thisjoined with dowels however, i am gonna use somefloating tenons, like these. They’re type of likereally huge pageant dominos. And that must be a lot better. I reduce these from astrip of very welland rounded the cornerson my router desk. And i’ve already joinedthe foot board with these so, now let’s cut thejoints for this one. I simply labored up thespacing for the mortises and for each and every one among thoseI marked on which part the mortise goes so I don’tcut on the fallacious aspect. I’m gonna reduce the slatson my slot mortiser which i have not beenusing that much because I developed the pantorouter. However, this computing device doesslot mortises quite good. I just transferred all themortise areas for the rails. Now i can additionally cut thoseon my slot mortiser.I’m gluing blocks ofwood between the slats and as a way to hold themfrom sliding round. I am slicing down theslats in thickness in the direction of the ends, whichwill allow them to leisure a little cut back on the body. And it additionally makes upfor any variations in thickness within the scrapwood that i am utilising. Earlier than gluing it collectively,i am rounding over all the uncovered edges. Well, that took some fastaction with the clamps and some difficult pounding to getthat joint totally closed.I suppose that is most likely aproblem you could prevent, if you happen to simply used pocket holes. After that, I varnishedall the portions, but it surely was lovely boring so Ididn’t take video of that. Headboards are practically alwayspushed towards the wall so I reduce out this corner here, for a baseboard and wire around. A little bit, it matches.[they laugh].