DreamFit Bamboo-Rich Quilted Sheet Ensemble

Year’S ago any person HAD AN concept. WAIT A MINUTE, IF i like A QUILT ON MY COMFORTER, WHY are not able to MY SHEETS BE QUILTED TOO. Good, THAT character anyplace you are, we have now YOU TO THANK FOR THIS exceptional SHEET SET FROM DREAMFIT. LET’S find out SOME extra. The extent 5 alleviation wealthy QUILTED SHEET ENSEMBLE COMBINES NEW PATENTED science WITH high satisfactory BAMBOO AND COTTON FOR probably the most comfortable snoozing experience. 70% RAYON FROM BAMBOO AND 30% COTTON furnish MOISTURE WHISKING residences so you SLEEP COOLER.THE alleviation wealthy SHEET SET elements an extra huge prime SHEET. A PATENTED SELF TAILORING equipped SHEET and a couple of PILLOW circumstances. Each and every SHEET WILL suit your MATTRESS WITH TAILOR MADE PRECISION. Due to THE PATENTED assured to suit and assured to stay ON nook STRAP DESIGN IN super strong ELASTIC BINDING THAT ensures THE outfitted SHEET WILL STAND ANY MATTRESS. AND THE SHEET SET COMES WITH A 1-12 months assurance. Most advantageous typical QUILTED alleviation. IT doesn’t GET much better THAN THAT. THANKS DREAMFIT. When you’ve got ANY QUESTIONS don’t HESITATE TO name OUR sales staff AT 1-800-455-1052.