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should provide comfort coziness and convenience join me on Monday nights for I’ll be giving you great ideas for your home your kitchen and July we use goat milk because we had it and that’s how our company started but what we’ve learned over the years is how beneficial goat milk is not only for the skin but for your body goat milk adds moisture to your skin it’s really the most amazing ingredient people really do notice the hydration of their skin the farm two skin difference only with beef in 1802 [Music] all right guys hi welcome to HSN i’m callie northagen oh my gosh this is the most incredible mattress topper I’ve seen it’s the only time I’ve offered this one it is our smart deal of the day which means this is a temporary price break as I lose my earring I do want to let you know we also have insta clean coming up in the show and use what am i oh this thing this is the most incredible stain remover I have two cats one of my cats had three kittens and they wanted to make a mess out of one of my mattresses I used this product and not only did it remove the stains but it also removed the odor so absolutely amazing it’s not just pet stains I’m talking the hardest things to be able to remove like you saw that soy sauce I mean whether it’s dirt but most importantly makeup and food and grease and what Redwine I’m talking every coke yeah using your car I encourage all of you to stick around for that presentation it is the best cleaner ever Jeni bond will be joining us for that customer pick five five zero four five six maybe somebody can find me it back to my earring because I just lost one of my earring backs for now I’ll just go with one or maybe I’ll take them both out how’s that all right here’s what we’re gonna do I have another favorite item coming up from sharper image in this hour to and then my other personal favorite because I’m a camper I’ve got the eek River eco flow for a portable generator option best price you’re going to find but let’s start here this mattress topper from concierge is the superloft it’s a hybrid and it’s a hybrid because of what it’s filled with it’s not only this incredible loft and they’re hand stuffed overfilled individual pockets but it’s a memory foam cluster and a regular fill combination so it’s really the ultimate when it comes to comfort to loft it is so soft and supportive it is stain and water repellent it is also you ready dust mite resistance because of the tightness of this weave in the fabric so I don’t know look I don’t want to even talk about that because it’s so gross but we know what lives in our mattresses so in some ways if it’s an older mattress and you want to like extend the life of it and protect yourself for what’s living in it another great alternative it also just gives you a beautiful loft in your bedroom when you’re looking at this when the bed fully made we do have all sizes by the way at the same great smart deal price saving you $20 so whether it’s a twin full/queen a king a California king it’s all the same price while it is a smart deal free shipping and handling and only 2665 to get yours home out of fourth flex if you do have an HSN card we have a thousand of these left we have sold thousands leading up to today on this Memorial Day weekend so I really encourage you take a close listen place your order I think is full the full size is about this close to selling out I’ll update you as we get to the presentation but we’ve got Ellen Bunner joining us via Skype from her home my friend I miss you good to see you though I miss you too Callie welcome to my guestroom it’s great to see you you know I think superloft is in a lot of people guestroom and mine is no different but this superloft is very different it’s not only features the most phil we’ve ever done so it’s going to be really really a big difference in the loft three to four inches he’s going to add that as callie mentioned it’s what’s inside this one and i’m so excited about it you know believe it’s showing this a few days this is the last of them so if you’ve been looking for a combination that’s gonna give you loft and fluffiness and breathability to your mattress but support at the same time this is the one you want to grab because this is made up of fiberfill and clustered memory foam and we all love memory foam but we’ve actually taken that memory foam and combined it so you really get a different feel to a topper and in the different level of support and loft for your mattress that’s exactly right I mean you can see it visually I mean it looks like we talked about how it looks like moguls on a ski slope but it really does add support if I’ve got a really kind of an arched back so I know for me because I sleep on mattress toppers and all three my bed’s have mattress toppers it gives you a little bit more of a filled in space or if you’re a side sleeper it does something some time we end up with a mattress that we thought was gonna be the right sweet spot in terms of its combination of firmness or softness sometimes that’s not always the case if it’s too firm it’s awful if it’s too soft it’s maybe even worse so this maybe could help bring back a mattress to a perfect level for all of you and I do have to update you if you want full oh this is how limited it’s getting Ellen we have 30 if you want the twin oh my god if you want twin we have a hundred and I think 25 the other choices are still here though we do have all of them twin full queen king and california king but like you said it’s been a couple of days putting this up on the air and it’s already over 7000 are gone we have less than a thousand to go around just so you know right I mean is this you know it’s really great for everybody where you’re at right now if you think about your bed that you’re in if its lackluster maybe you’re in the market for a new mattress and the thought of that is either not in the budget or where are you gonna go and get one I want to show you before and after that we did in my actual guest room that I took photos of and you can see here the difference this is going to make in your mattress so first of all you’ve got your women with ball and that’s the same bed look at what’s out there you can watch Tommy so hot look at the rise and what I like about this one Callie is that’s not Phil that’s gonna just dissipate under your body when you climb it in bed this really has resilience and pressure relieving support and springiness it’s more of a firm level of softness if you will it’s a great combination so what else is really different and why this is been so popular as you mentioned superloft is always recognizable it’s the only one that’s hand stuff so you can see all of these boxes the way they give you that bounce back and that rise everything evenly distributed unlike most toppers we did three things that make it different first of all we skirted it I was online looking and shopping for toppers not only is memory foam expensive but it’s usually in a slab that sits on top of your mattress this is gonna become part of your mattress 18 inch accommodation dual stretch and give it’s going to go right over that guest bed fold-out sofa air mattress your your mattress in your room so it’s going to fit in place the other thing I love and I know this hits home for you to dust mite resistant we added the factors this on this is really soft and quiet here and it’s memory so I’m it’s microfiber but it’s woven so tightly that nothing over 10 microns can get through so that’s dust allergens dust mite things on your mattress that you don’t want coming to you and you don’t want getting into your old mattress yeah I’m not a big fan of sleeping with dust mites and their babies in their bathroom breaks you know which is so disgusting you see one picture of a dust mite and it’s just but I do love that that’s not something I’ve ever seen or heard us offer in any of our mattress toppers but it also is stain and water resistant so if you do and I think most of us have been watching a lot of movies and binging in bed and I I do like my red wine sometimes you know spills happen or you’ve got a pet that you’re learning to train or kids that you’re learning to potty train or you know as we get older and things like issues like that take place this is another way to enjoy protecting the mattress but if spills happen it’s not going to become a stain it’s not going to soaked through and met and you know and destroy your mattress time to update the full is now something for Queen is now spoken for twin is about a hundred strong that’s all we’ve got so your best bet is King and Cal King but Cal King we have less than 200 so I was saying with over seven thousand seventy one hundred we have our final quantities on this incredible hybrid and it really is the loft that you’re looking for top of the line when it comes to that dust mite resistance the stain and water repellency hand filled and not only hand filled over stuffed let’s talk about the standards yes you guys go above and beyond all we do you know this is the most oh we’ve ever done in a superloft it’s got 25 ounces per square yard a mattress hat pad has about 12 so what I want you to see up here close though is not only to sell but look at the resistance and the spring back from this and you’re going notice that when you climb into your mattress because what we love about memory foam is it gives you that pressure relieving support it really customizes to your body so by clustering it and adding it with the foam you get breathability it’s not going to heat up also while I have you close this beautiful soft cover is microfiber but I want you to see oh yes see you there look I love that you’re showing that because you see those individual clusters yeah memory foam takes pressure from your body it spreads it out over to a greater surface area so when you get into your bed and your hips your shoulders you won’t feel like your bed is giving you that hug it is a different feel from any superloft we’ve ever done look at this this is what blew my mind is because to get all that and then to still get this ultimate really important feature which is stain and water repellency so if you have that spill or accident I heard you talk about your kittens and yeah maybe it’s that or maybe you’re a hot sleeper and it’s the perspiration this is gonna give you that protection as well boy that really does make a difference we spend a lot of money on our mattresses and whether it’s a new mattress or it’s an old mattress having something to you know protect it and then of course protect you if it is an old mattress it’s a horrifying experience to really dig into that any deeper than then what we need to say about dust mites because I guess that’s the reason though they say to replace every 10 years because they double their weight in you know 10 years it’s the sweat it’s the perspiration it’s the it’s the dirt it’s the look but again I say that because it is a true it’s like it’s more of a five-star experience to sleep in your in your bed this way I’m such a fan of concierge we do the best job I I know they’re our mattress toppers or pads out there do a comparison because the price point like this you might find a little like you know I don’t know half an inch this has got an incredible amount of loft it’s a big difference you know superloft why it’s so popular for Isis it it’s stuffed by hand and you can see as Callie presses on that just the bounce back and the resiliency this one with the addition of the memory foam really makes a big difference but if you were to look inside this you would see these cloud light huh within each box to give you that resilient support that’s gonna just surround your body and comfort if you to get look inside most mattress pads this is what you find a little thin batting it’s gonna add a little bit of softness but not a lot of support so 12 ounces per square yard is the average we’re 25 it’s the most we’ve ever done on the superloft that’s why this has been so popular and I think this is so budget-friendly when you’re looking at buying a new mattress and spending thousands of dollars and the end the prospect of heaven we’re gonna go to get that I love that this is a great answer for us right now we’re Senate spending more time at home maybe we’re spending more time in bed sleeping in a little bit we had a caller the other day that said you know this is like her vacation for her this summer she’s really looking at her home and and creating that staycation Haven at home and I think this could be a big part of that yeah well I’m such a fan of sleep honestly it’s one of my favorite things I love naps I love sleeping and and when you’ve got something that like you said it like cradles you I tend to be a side sleeper but I go for my side to my back to my other side and I just think that I know for me in my sleep it’s just made such a difference and it’s just a treat that I feel like it’s the least we can do for ourselves sleep repairs us to get you know to be stronger and healthier the next day and we all know that but it’s also you know I know we lost some sizes and I’m so sorry twin is now gonna be the next to go I think I know we have less than a hundred in the twin we lost full we’ve lost Queen but we have King and we have Cal King which is kind of amazing considering we don’t jump the price based on size it’s the same price and free shipping with 90 days to be able to try this and experience it and fall in love with it the other thing to consider you know we’ve heard you’ve heard me talk about VIP financing that’s for HSN card holders you should really get that card this weekend because you get to take $40 off your first purchase and if it’s this mattress pad you’re getting $100 mattress pad for 60 so you really do I mean the HSN card is a great card to have you have to have it to shop here but there’s lots of perks and benefits and I just wanted to point that out because that goes away at the end of Memorial Day tonight at midnight so with a minute and a half in our final couple hundred considering we started this weekend I believe with over eight thousand we’ve sold seventy-two hundred of them and you can see we are down to the final couple hundred in twin King and Cal King only Ellen for somebody just tuning in the difference here for this mattress topper is the memory foam clusters along with that this other fill I’m going to show that to everybody cuz exactly amazing right the combination we’ve created here it’s like nothing we’ve ever done remember this is exclusive both to concierge collection and HSN so you’re gonna get that resiliency and that pressure we’re leaving support of that clustered memory foam it’s also gonna be more breathable and lofty er encased in microfiber that has a dust resistance protection built into it that doesn’t launder out it’s not a chemical it’s never gonna go away it’s just gonna protect you from those allergens in your mattress and a big difference on this one Callie is this isn’t like other toppers out there that just sit on your bed or have maybe a strap in the corner this is really gonna become part of your mattress with that 18 inch accommodation elastic all the way around and lastly one of my favorites it is stain and water repellent so it’s protecting you from filth and accidents but rejuvenating a mattress um can you tell the difference and this is why we’ve sold a lot of superloft I could see a difference and then I sat on it and felt it right away incredible Buy Ellen thank you so much for joining us thank you too my dear 695 443 is how you keep ordering twin king or cal kings still available last call we’re gonna make our way to the next offer I can’t I love this hour it’s filled with some my favorite things like the last item of the show you should start looking into this right now it’s the Eco flow River this is the most powerful power station by II generator because you can power up to nine things simultaneously and it’s a generator that doesn’t require gas or oil or toxic fumes you will own it I love it I’m a camper we take it camping I fire up my fan I fired up my air compressor to blow up our air mattress and I’m a tent camper but I love having an air mattress but everything else and with you know hurricanes and floods and tornadoes and all the crazy things that are all ready to start going on this season really important back up in our price is awesome our price is so much lower than any place else ever has it been available and I know it’s also far qualifies for your VIP financing if you have an HSN cards will tell you more about that at the end of the hour is one of my personal favorites if I put if I could put together my top ten favorite purchases it was a Dyson it’s one of my massage chairs and certainly that is one of them we’re gonna and so is this instant means to clean okay this is a stain remover that has removed more stains than anything I’ve ever tried before including cat urine on mattresses I know it sounds gross but I had a look at a kitty who had three kitties and they all just decided that Tristan’s old bedroom was where they should go to the bathroom but I cleaned up the mattress it took away the smell of urine it takes away things like you can’t believe like blood and I’m talking about grass stains I’m talking about soy sauce red wine fruit juice grease coffee tea dirty motor oil I have a favorite white t-shirt that nothing could as much bleach as I tried to use in my washing machine never got out the stains I thought why don’t I use to clean to it because it’s not just for your home I mean carpets um we’re we’re gonna show you more because Jeni bond is joining us via Skype Jenny I’m so glad it’s finally back in stock look this is my like cleaning obsession cleaner exactly I told everybody the fact that we were able to get it back in stock for Memorial Day and we’ve got the messes and as you know I’m glad you brought it up about the pets we’re gonna show that insta clean is literally your spray and walk away stain destroyer and let me just show you it’s just your oxygen it’s gonna blast everything out so I made a couple of messes like we would have in the studio but then I made some real messes like I really have in my house so markers paint the kids are still at school you take insta clean you don’t add water all your just watch this you guys you spray it and it mobilizes those stains it lips them and penetrates them and says goodbye I’ll do it one more right here and if you see it guys this could be a blue carpet it could be a red carpet there is no chlorine there’s no bleach it’s taking out the red it’s taking out the orange and that carpet is clean and guess what you don’t have to blot it I don’t have to rinse it there’s not gonna be any residue we were talking about coffee right here I’ll go ahead and show you these are I didn’t even have milk okay cuz sometimes we do milk for the smell dark coffee can stain a light carpet look that’s fresh going soon as you spray it you guys you pull out that state and you pull out the smell now these have been here since last night just to show you you penetrate down and you lift it away and it has a really great fresh smell because what I’ve done here we’ve got mustard I’ve got ketchup I did a lot of Memorial Day weekend stains so first of all we’re gonna start right here with oily soy sauce and then I’m actually gonna spill it to show you just how powerful it is but any stain ketchups mustard soy sauce browning sauce motor oil you simply spray it and just look insta clean is the only thing on the market you can look around but if you spray it not only is it permanently gone but you see it right before you I eyes you guys and you absolutely instantly know you’re not even scrubbing I mean the minute you spray that onto a stain I’m it just blows my mind by the way this is what you’re getting 80 ounces you get the 32 ounce refillable bottle you can use I mean it takes a couple spritzes watch this I’m gonna actually neutralize this little pink water because it shows you the kind of power without bleach or chlorine as you said let’s see if I’ve got that trigger open but I love the fact that watch this and you can switch the trigger just like that you can do the spray or focus or hider watch that pink is turning clear isn’t it amazing and I just need motor oil or exactly it’s such a great product guys it is a huge customer picks safe for my show today just back in stock if you have it I would love for you to call it’s a customer pick you can read reviews but I really would love to hear from you every time I have a stain and I actually have a new mattress upstairs and I have a new kitty so my little Jolene who had three kittens in her story in The interestings room well then my new kitty comes along and decides oh I want to make your mattress my home I’m telling you and urine is the worst hardest thing to get rid of not only the stain it didn’t leave a ring but it didn’t have any odor anymore and that’s just it and you can’t hide that kind of stuff I mean my dogs and my cats are in all of my videos it’s also the stain that’s here I mean our dogs and cats they just bring in dirt but it’s the smell that’s here so now I just twisted it so now I’m on the wider spray insta clean is safe to use around your pets and your kids I don’t have to rent a machine I mean we’ve been learning so much right now about cleaning our house keeping it sanitary this you know for most of us you’re not gonna have to go hire a professional to come in for most of the spots not only did I take out the pet stain or the cat smell it’s actually clean it feels good and it’s refreshed you know I love I was listening to you guys talking about you know the mattress pads and everything we are spending so much time on the couches and the beds eating our foods and stacks so here just on a pillow maybe it is the red wine you are talking about or it could be spaghetti or so many different things so this is a cotton we kind of pillow now watch of course I’m spraying it a little heavy I went really really dark here but as you can see even the brown marks it’s right here this is absolutely clean so this could be spaghetti sauce it smells great you’re not gonna get any of those odors but also for really big spills this is something that I’ve kind of been mastering around with I’ve been playing with all kinds of just stains so this is actually paint and ink and so I put it in here so look what we have big purple stain okay this is a big bed stain imagine just taking your insta clean but remember you don’t add water you just spray it and it is it look it is gone that is the power of insta clean is you simply I’m gonna do it one more time you simply spray it like that and know that if say this is a cat this is getting down to the best of your carpet lessons look at how can you believe it yeah and and the cat smell if that is a cat accident your cats won’t be able to find it the dogs won’t be able to find them what a grand easy nice favorite okay these are my favorite leg pain of all shorts okay I bleach bleach puts a stain on stuff you’re gonna bleach things out or chlorine instantly literally 32 ounces here the other 80 ounces it’s a hundred and twelve ounces you grab it you spray it you go and all your stains and smells are instantly nice and I love what Jenny said and you are getting a ton of product if you don’t love it you’ve got 90 days I mean you try to tackle the hardest stain you can think of something that’s been there forever nothing else worked and see for yourself if this isn’t going to become your favorite it really is mine I love the fact that you can see this second it really within 30 seconds you’re gonna see those stains without even me taking a scrub brush or a toothbrush or even my my nails I mean I’m just gonna go through here and you’ll see how it does the job whether it’s I’m sorry to say it vomit feces yeah you’re in dirt mud blood NATO stain yeah olive oil exactly the hardest things whether it’s on upholstery well there’s on carpets whether it’s on clothing with us on pillows mattresses this literally this product saved two mattresses for me and this is really one of those products that I try to tell people like I promise get at home like I mean I’ve done my all my chair so if you’ve been here I also want to show this like here’s even marker on wood I mean I do it on my lawn furniture we’ve had a lot of rain we’ve had a lot of mildew so here it is on the wood watch as soon as I spray insta clean look what it does as soon as it touches even on the wood here it broke up the marker nothing’s left behind it really is one of those things that you can take anywhere now this is the auto set so you actually get it for home in Auto now this is from my daughter’s car now I made messes on this part thinking that the car mat was actually great as soon as I started spraying here so these are the overall messes that I kind of made like what’s going on yeah it’s really actually getting out what all the dirt you know all the cleats the sports bags when the kids had school the back of her car was much more of a disaster I’m not outing her I couldn’t even get my mind was so bad but look what’s happening here you’re able to pull out all of those stains now I want to show this here as well I mean this I was showing him on the table but even here you have bigger stains on the carpet spaghetti stains you’re dropping food the kids you know here’s regular coffee stinky oily it’s gonna leave a residue guys this is real coffee I’ll do it one more time big stain you’d have to block that you’re pressing it around watch with instant clean here is that not amazing and for if you’re watching right now I know there’s other things on the market that maybe you thought this is how you would clean your carpet but guess what they would leave a residue behind you’d have to go ahead and vacuum over it and now you can see here even the coffee went down I just switch it to the more extreme sprayer of course it’s a little damp but you spray it right down there and you’re mobilizing the stain down there you’re lifting it away and it penetrates it this is the only one in the market for almost any kind of mess on your carpets your rugs or runners your mattresses your pillows your curtains shower curtains I was talking about this last night even the liner of your shower curtain maybe you’re getting the mildew go ahead and spray insta clean and even for those I mean look at this the markers gone and I want to say this too I do do it on lighter carpets here because it really does show the stain this carpet could be your favorite oriental rug or runner it could be you know it could be blue it could be red it could be a deep carpet you’re never going to bleach it this is one of those things that once people start using it they they want to get the auto ship because you cannot get this world and this is something that you can simply spray I’ve now permanently and instantly taken out that stain but what I love too I took out the smell like here’s your thread and why okay we’re talking about red wine we love it but it is a little stinky you know so if you get it on your you know upholstery or you get it on your carpet I mean what were some of the remedies you have to put down what is it sparkling water or champagne right allow the insta clean go right there and look at that you guys it’s completely gone starts working on contact to mobilize and lift and penetrate the stain at the source and the thing that still blows my mind is that it doesn’t leave a ring around the rest where the stain once was and I’ve tried every state and move around the market trust me I’ve tried them all this is my favorite I literally I’m always I always keep it in stock and I know it’s been out of stock for a long time here it’s just today now back in stock and again this is for less than nine dollars you’re getting a hundred and twelve ounces so it’s a full size with an 80 ounces Oh it’s a ton of cleaning a product that uses yours honest on his way by the way with 90 days to try it so every area of our lives from our clothing to our upholstery to our cushions to our floors to our hard floor I mean literally I never thought about the things that you’ve demos with us I always think about a soft surface like carpets and rugs and things like that but whatever it might be and I’m talking the hardest stains that I’ve ever had which was urine in my mattresses because of my kitties and I love them so much but it worked it not only got the stain out the best part it got the smell and odor out and it was not an area that the kitties when they were in when they were babies went back to I did again they couldn’t find it again and that that is a fun thing that I like to talk about like my my dog here Mary she keeps fighting I’m one of her feet she’s had allergies like I do and there’s a little bit of like drops of blood or something sometimes from her feet and you can spray it and it’s gone my husband and I were talking about it right before the earring and also one thing too if you do have pets or maybe have a smoker I mean we all have been in our house a lot right now all of our things with fabrics they’re holding in those odors so now we’re going out a little bit more but when we come back in you know over this time like we’ve been inside our houses maybe just have kind of a smell to them we’ve been there there’s all kinds of odors you can take insta clean maybe it’s that blanket like this is a nice blanket that I wouldn’t even dryclean you spill something on it or you just have been using it a long time you can’t wash it go ahead and blast it with insta clean and now whatever kind of stains or smells in there they’re gone you can spray it just on your pillows we’ll go back over here to what I love and I always talk about this my pets and my kids are really my life and I would never want to spray something where I couldn’t have them to come right after it this is the cat bed I’m surprised that pepra is not on the cat bed right now but I think it’s go ahead and spray it so when those odors kind of happen here now it’s gone if they’re stains you know if you have pets or kids like food stains happen all the time this is something that you grab and go and we we just got this one back in so it’s almost four complete bottles there is no bleach I’m gonna show it one more time here this is true just your oxygen stain destroyer so here we have some like just stained in like browning sauce and I have a little more red wine that I spilt you just simply grab it imagine not calling anyone you don’t have to go to the store of red fat machines and right now you guys if someone’s renting one of those big machines I like to leave it side-by-side I’ll get it here if they’re renting one of those machines do they rinse it out after I mean right now that’s a whole new way of thinking you don’t want to borrow someone’s deep cleaning machine anymore to do it if you just have those spots and stains that are maybe on your upholstery or wherever they are but we are all the kids are at home they’re doing school I know that we have makeshift classrooms or grandma’s classroom or you name it all the arts and crafts all the end-of-the-year projects these can really make havoc on tablecloths maybe it’s just on the carpet this is literally I went wider than I wanted see it’s so great you simply spray it and I want I know that you guys can’t smell it here this is not a strong oxygen smell I can put my fingers through here it’s almost dry and it just completely mobilizes the stain and the smell so the red wine maybe it’s barbecue sauce we had some sangria parties around my house yesterday all of these things that have like odors that maybe maybe have the juices in them it’s sugary it’s therapy that can ruin your carpets we can also along with go ahead I was just thinking about the different you know food products that have dyes in them like mustard the young guys the red dyes almost impossible to get out of especially a lighter colored carpet I mean markers on this layer color carpet I’m just gonna give you this I mean I’m doing this in my in the studio Jenny’s doing it in her home just to show you I haven’t touched this with anything it just literally immobilizes and lifts that stain immediately and then of course I always go through and then I blot up the rest but let it do the work this does the work not just this size you’re getting the 80 ounce refill as well and I know we are extremely busy this just back in stock I know I’ve been waiting for it too I’m down to about a quarter of a bottle I just uses this the other day on my sweatshirt that I couldn’t get some stains out of this white swatch that I wear all the time and I I mean things that get on shirts like I always wear like these kind of like silky kind of shirts you know if you get olive oil or something and it’s always like right here cuz I’ll drip it it’s ruined and most of the time you’re going to take it to the dry cleaner you get the tag on it put insta clean on it I went ahead night what showed you here all you’re gonna do is take off your lid you pour whenever your bottles low you fill it up here but I promise you’re gonna get this home and just start going the I use it everywhere in my home I spray it on my walls I was just doing that before because we just moved some art we had fingerprints you just literally take it these are set in stains but it’s also when the spills happen and let’s face it you know we are gonna start doing more things spills are gonna happen or maybe you have those bills that you’ve been living with you just simply spray insta clean and it’s just like that you have the peace of mind if it is if you do have pets or kids or if it’s just something stinkier the kids get sick or you’re changing the oil and you’re about to do a road trip or something and motor oil this is something that’s so versatile that’s gonna take it out of almost any light that you have it’s so true and if you do have your own like personal like carpet cleaner I know a lot of people who put the insta clean in as a part of your cleaning solution because it really it makes your heart you think if you have anything that is stained whether it’s a rug whether it’s I mean even if it’s towels honestly whatever it might be this is gonna make you feel so much better because it really works it really does and this is the home and auto so even that motor oil think about that oil you can never get out of anything whether it’s salad dressing oil or motor oil I mean it is the best seam remover I’ve ever tried you should read some of the customer reviews because when it’s instant sells right back out you can see almost fourteen fifteen thousand spoken four hundred excuse me we are just airing it for the first time since it got back into our into our warehouses so take advantage while you can is less than nine dollars put an HSN card to use ooh well it wouldn’t make it free if you want to get that charge card I take $40 off your first purchase you might want to make that on something that’s actually $40 or more this is much less than that but you certainly would still get it and then have a credit in your account insta clean is an incredible product and I will say it again is a stain removing product that permanently rose really tough stains like urine and feces and vomit and dirt and blood and mud and grass and tomato sauce and wine and salad dressing and fruit juice and to me I mean all the hard stuff vegetables hardly call it T all of it it really does I mean obviously it’s gonna do a great job on those little put footprints we see from the grocery store for the we’ve been decorating cookies or I mean in parents and grandparents you know the blue frosting or black frosting that’s on cakes are for having some summer treats this gets it out of the clothes as well so just real stuff that you think is endless that you can’t get it out you’re just gonna take your insta clean and you spray it it doesn’t matter if what it is I mean read also if you’re on the fence read the reviews on this it’s not hype this is really one of those things where you could simply spray you see how it’s working here and you’re gonna go right down and it mobilizes it takes away that stain so it’s absolutely gone so impressed with this product five five zero four five six is the item number I know we are extremely busy it’s so popular once again Jenny thank you so much thank you so much John a always happy Memorial Day to you five five zero four five six is the item number for instantly and you may have noticed my adorable little cooler here it’s from sharper image it’s coming up right now it’s the neatest new item it’s safe for the show it’s brand-new this week actually it’s called the breeze blast is a personal air cooler it doesn’t just direct wind to your face it literally floats air over ice so the air that you are enjoying is cool I mean it makes it so easy to carry it’s portable its handheld it’s great at your desk at the office if you’re out hiking going to the beach taking a camping trip you’re at the ballgame you’re tailgating whenever life you know does get back to normal what this has are these blast packs is what they’re called and you freeze these down pop one inside of your cooler and then you turn on a button and it gently gives you the most incredible fan cold air power and by the way these are stainless steel double wall insulated so this is gonna last and last and last in by the way if those ice cubes or the blast packs do melt you can put regular ice in here and still enjoy the cooling benefit from sharper image we are so happy to have this here we’ve got this for you in light blue the gray and the white I think golfers would enjoy this more than anything boaters when you’re outdoors and you’re really just overwhelmed fishermen if you’re on the treadmill you could keep this and you touch this button and this cool breeze is what you get to enjoy it to help cool you down I love this new product from sharper image and vonabell sherman is joining us via Skype to tell us more how exciting is this new product Bonneville oh it is I love it because it’s personal and it’s portable and it’s a cooler so as we come up to those hot days of summer and you’re going to go watch your kids do sports and t-ball and baseball and any outdoor activity you have your own cooler that you can aim a breeze right at your face that your neck at your chest and it really delivers wonderful coolness the reason it does that is because right here is an intake valve and then right here on the other side so it has dual intake it’s taking in the air swirling it down and then sending it back up like a like a hurricane in there of cool air it’s cool because we give you the cool packs you’re gonna put them in the freezer and then when they’re frozen you’re gonna pop them into your breeze blast then the air passes through now the nice thing is you can even also use two cups of ice or I had great success with reusable ice cubes as well so those are great options and what I like is I know if I head to a theme park and I’m there for eight hours with the kids if if my packs we’re losing any cool they’ll always willingly give you some ice to put in there and it has a lot of power now there’s two look at that so you can see the breeze a blast pack see how it makes a turbine that’s what’s happening in there it’s actually twirling the turbine the air into the cool packs and then sending that cold air back to you to your skin to cool your body off a little bit that’s so important you feel better and I think of the women who are going through their personal summer who will get this and be like don’t touch my face it’ll be first of all it’ll be like don’t touch me and secondly don’t know and it comes with this excellent USB cable so I think it’s cool you can either use batteries to my knowledge or you can charge this I should say power it up with this USB power cable anything if you’ve got those little square you know cubes you pop into the wall or you’ve got a power pack you can do this I definitely think this is gonna be a favorite to the family who loves the outdoors but when it gets hot and certainly when it gets humid this is gonna be a lifesaver the light blue is so pretty we do have the white we also have it in grey I will repeat this is dual double walled stainless steel I mean it’s sharper image they have the coolest most innovative products they always do we can let you pay for 1/3 of this today and you get it home for about $10 give it a try you’ve got the whole summer to be able to enjoy it until this time in August so it’s a nice alternative when I don’t know about you vonabell when I’m hot which seems to be always especially in this state I am just crabby tired what hot well this is the anti crabby solution so it’s it’s laser etched so it’s gorgeous and looks great I especially love this color as you come down it’s graduated down here so it will fit most cupholders so think about your cup holder in your treadmill tray in the one that you’ve added to the baby stroller maybe in your golf cart so it is graduate and will fit most there I want to show you a demonstration of some power so you how can I show you the power from home come over here a little bit I have some ribbon here you see how it’s absolutely straight I’m gonna turn this on look at how that picked up you see that power yeah see that now I thought of a second way to show you take a look here I actually laid this bleep breeze blast on its side I have this jar with these beads you see they’re all down the bottom now watch what happens pay attention look at that they’re dancing they are moving because the air in the breeze blast is actually powerful and it’s coming out cooling your whole body and it feels so good and I love that it can fit anywhere now I do want to show you when we come back from that video I want to show you your two methods of power that we can power this up because I think it was really smart the first thing we did was we gave you batteries right well you’re gonna put in the batteries we gave you a spot for batteries okay so batteries go right here and here’s what I would do I would put batteries in there but good to know and wonderful I love what they did we’re giving you a USB and then you plug that in right in the top and if you have a power pack of any kind tuck put that in and now tuck your power pack in your pocket and you have instant power for your breeze blast now of course if you at home and your computer or you’re working you can plug this right in the wall or any outlet but I love the thought of okay I’m out golfing or I’m out with the kids and my toddler always gets really hot you can power this through any power pack that you have because we’re giving you the USB and then Wow on it goes delivering such cool air to your skin now what I notice is with the battery it’s powerful when you use the USB it’s super powerful I noticed like there’s a little extra punch when you do that so not only is it beautiful but it is going to give you the most amazing cool breeze and we’re giving you the cool packs that you put in the freezer and then drop into your double wall chamber stainless steel and honestly when I got this I went oh this feels like the highest end stainless steel tumbler so they really did a nice job it has a rubber bottom so really substantial very very nicely made and that’s showing you the dual wall stainless steel with the turbine that’s literally what’s moving the air and is floating it over ice packs so it’s not just air that’s you know cooling you down it’s cool air and that’s the key if you lose the ice because it’s melted you can go ahead and just for add regular cubes of ice as well but this is definitely a bonus to have the cool air because when I’m from what I’ve been hearing and reading it is gonna be one of the hotter summers that we can all remember and I love okay Wow almost 500 of you picking this up this is brand-new from sharper image and not only is it a brand that we all know because they bring us them coolest things but they are also here at HSN offering flex pay so that means you’re paying a little bit you paid like nine ninety eight today you choose the card debit card credit card PayPal all of you are welcome to shop with us and if you have an HSN card you can add a fourth flex or an extra flex to anything but it really does make sense sharper image is that brand that thinks that the coolest coolest new ideas and certainly for a summertime fun moment this is gonna be perfect whether it’s in a backpack or a pouch or the cup holders or your pockets and I tell you even sitting at your desk or in your office if you just run warm this is gonna be something that just you look so forward to enjoying but if you have kids or anybody in sports and you know how it happens once you get out there and overheating is not you know it’s not a little issue it’s a major issue and this could be that perfect thing to cool you down to a regular temperature you I love this idea using it out in the garage if you’re doing any work or tinkering at you know be at your vehicle oh I love that one to plot putting your plants and putting your garden together what a great new item vonabell I can see why it’s been so popular already I think because it’s portable so you’re getting this breeze that comes with you and then we graduated it down so it fits nearly any cup holder so think about the cup holders you have whether it’s in the car on the treadmill in your golf cart somewhere that you want to have the breeze and also there is an eye ball in here and it’s a directional eyeball so that it rotates so that you can move the air where you makes you most comfortable so not only you aiming it physically but you can aim this little eyeball in here and then you just pop your batteries in in here so yeah but then we also give you the USB and the USB is your portable power it’s not charging it it’s actually your powered alternate power that you can have this on the go wherever you’re going you have your personal cooling that’s portable for you that’s right now they’re pretty aren’t they they really are very substantial feeling to them as well Thank You vonabell for joining us appreciate it that’s a great color on you by the way a seven one five three nine eight keep calling for yours it’s the sharper image that wonderful blood breeze blast but we’re gonna move into our final item of this hour and another personal favorite of mine I’m a nature girl and I am such a fan of well being a responsible person because let’s face it whether you’re a nature person or you know that there’s gonna be a moment where you’re gonna power your power is probably gonna go out whether it’s because of hurricane oh it’s already gonna start soon or flooding or any new natural disasters there’s been so many crazy things going on tire tornados and fires we all need to have a back a plan to have power and this is my personal recommendation the Eco flow Tech River it is I own this I absolutely love my product and I did a lot of research on this product before I bought it I bought this last year this price guys is incredible for what you’re getting because it’s a ton of power and I know if you don’t to search anywhere else you’re never gonna find a price better than what you got here it’s $80 less right now at HSN it’s the only place you’re going to find this there’s free shipping and it’s not a light item so shipping it to you for free is a really nice benefit third or fourth flex if you have an HSN card and here’s where I would really put that $40 to work if you want to apply for the HSN card today you get $40 off so it’s a Memorial Day special you can apply it to this it is something every home in America should have is also by the way a qualifies for 12 month VIP financing so if you do have the HSN card you’re only spending $39 a month you will love the fact that this is yours it’s a portable I’m going to call it a generator but it doesn’t use gas or oil or toxic fumes or any mess there’s no mess at all and it gives you the ability to power up to nine things at the same time from lamps to fans to air compressors to all the obvious like your laptops your headphones all of the things that we need in the case of an emergency that’s why I take mine camping multiple phones can be charged at the same time I want to share with you the colors then we’re gonna talk details I know we only have about a thousand of these left and available so it’s a Memorial Day moment not to wait on because it is the best way to go black is your best bet we have it in silver we also have it in the I love these but the rose gold actually the silver is what we’re calling white there’s 30 left in the silver white here’s your rose gold we have a hundred left in the rose gold and then we have about 200 of them in the gold so the best bet is black but gold rose white and black you get the case included by the way which is typically about $60 extra but that’s included and the best part of all even if you’ve got you know some of those sanitizing machines or if you’ve got sleep issues and you have to use one of those CPAP machines you know when you run out of power that’s a big issue this is gonna always be your backup source of power it comes with an 18 month warranty that stands that shows you a company that stands behind the product we’re gonna talk details with my friend my special guest one of my favorites Justin Smith so good to see you again Justin I miss you I miss you too Callie I love what you were doing there you were you’re picking it up I know you were talking about the free shipping because it’s you know it’s not terribly light but look you’re just you’re picking it up it’s not intimidating right it hasn’t weigh as much as those big clunky gas generators right true yeah it’s it’s only 11 pounds it’s about the size of a gallon of milk and why is that important that is important because there are other battery powered generators out there did you hear that battery powered generators no gas no oil there’s other ones on the market but I want you to google it because this is the highest rated battery power generator that you will find out there and why had cally point out how light it is is because the other battery power generators their lead acid that’s basically a car battery this is lithium ion and those other ones weigh 30 pounds not to mention gas generators there are 50 pound you got a wheel it around this is gonna give you a hundred thousand milliamps of power 50 times more powerful than those phone banks that a lot of us have sitting in our drawers that will power our phones and our tablets once or twice this is going to power your rights and your fans for over a hundred hours it’s over four days straight and it’s so easy to use we’ve all been without power whether it be for 15 minutes 15 hours or 15 days and we know how vulnerable that feels so get this home in time for hurricane season or if you’re doing with the floods or the fires or their tornadoes and you’re gonna be able to take this off the shelf and with one button press right here boom I am now just activated my industrial amount of power I didn’t have to pull crank anything prime an engine or gas pour oil I’m holding it in my hand so there’s my four USB ports up front two USB seaports at the bottom and that’s my little power button in the center so all I have to do is start plugging things in that’s it and you can plug in nine things at the exact same time so this is where the Eco flow is worth its weight in gold are these two AC wall outlets on the back and you see it’s not just the two prong it’s also the three prong wall outlets like around your house anything that you can plug in around your house you can plug into the back of the Eco flow River and that right there underneath that little rubber tab that Callie has that is just a basically a cigarette lighter plug in your air compressors to that and blow up your air mattresses so I want to show you when you get this home it’s gonna do everything that I say it’s gonna do that’s why I don’t have anything pre-staged everything I plug in and live on air so again one button press watch this light I’m plugging into the back of my wall outlet my AC wall outlet media power I’ve got a fan right here there’s no trickle charge it immediately comes on now my fans going I can go ahead and keep going watch my tablet down there I’m plugging into the front here watch my phone right next to it the tablet came on their iPhones coming on I got another phone over here to the right of the tablet that’s coming on and I can just keep going Callie and that’s the industrial amount of power that this has even my TV and don’t forget like I said it’s gonna power this light right here for over a hundred hours that’s four days straight nobody uses four days straight of light but the eco-floor River it’s an industrial amount of power is gonna let you do that in any circumstance even if you just have a backyard barbecue and everybody needs to charge their phone but you don’t need them going in your house and everybody plug it into your separate wall outlets cuz you’re probably not enough of them bring your eco flow River out put it on the patio table everybody can just plug in there your whole entire party can plug in their phones and their tablets their computers maybe a movie projector or a guitar amplifier even your Wi-Fi router and your medical devices Callie so this is it’s as unprecedented power for unprecedented times to give you that peace of mind and that sense of security I couldn’t agree more and you know watch listening to you talk about plugging in phones last summer I went camping with a big group of friends there was like 15 of us kids included we went tubing down the ginnie springs Ginny Springs it was so great but everybody was charging up their phones on my this my eco flow I got it last year I don’t think we’ve ever offered well maybe one time it was when it was a today’s special was maybe this price but it’s the only time I’ve ever seen this to a price production it’s a $600 power bank a power station I should say because it is power it is not a generator that’s that’s noisy that’s big it’s heavy it’s dangerous with the oil and the fumes and the gas I’m not into that I want to be as safe as possible I want as much power as possible I know once upon a time we used to have this as a separate purchase with the case but it’s included as well I’m going to show you I’ve got me one of mine plugged into the lamp because it literally is enough power to plug up a lamp and eight other devices at the same time now when when you do need to recharge this and then I’m gonna update everybody on colors Justin how do we recharge it I know there’s multiple ways yes so there’s a couple ways to recharge it two of them you’re going to get today with your purchase just plug it into the wall like you would anything else we’re going to give you the wall charger or you can actually plug it into your car just with that little cigarette lighter and you can recharge this in as little as five hours in your car you don’t have to keep this outside like you do a gas generator keep it in your car keeping your house next to your bed your kids bed because of those gas generators you got to keep them plugged in outside with the windows open so you can run your cables back into your house that poses a great safety issue when you don’t have any power keep this inside and all your doors and windows locked and I don’t know if we have it Kelly but the third way to power this is a solar panel I don’t think we do have those I bought those as well because if they come in back in stock you can go to hsn.comm just type in eco eco flow with solar panels because it is a nice way to be able to always have power from the Sun the source of the Sun updating you on colors folks oh there it is we do have them in stocks six eight six six four eight they are here with free shipping I know they’re on flexpay extended returns is what we have in stock right now or in effect 90 days normally it’s 30 you’ve got three months and now you know we I can’t beleive June first begins hurricane season really with everything else but it is it’s it’s the reality we’ve seen what’s happened with the floods and tornadoes and all these horrible things but if you do find yourself without power you’ve got to have something to be able to use as a backup for your lights for fans I’m gonna hate to say I’m a wimp when I’m camping because I am a tent camper so I consider myself kind of kind of outdoorsy but I do bring my generator I call it a generator even there’s a power station with me to be able to I keep a fan I have a Dyson fan them to take with me traveling in my tent because it’s hot and humid here but I used it to power up multiple phones at the same time air compressor to pull up that the air mattress or any of the floaters that you want to use for the summer but this is now last call on the white we have two dozen no we have one dozen in white so if that’s your choice this is one I have I love this I think it’s just a great color we have less than a hundred in the paint of the rose gold we also have the gold and we have it in black black as your best bet and everybody gets the case included now I will say this because if you wanted to I’ve seen this elsewhere actually you as the best buy of the day somewhere else it was more expensive than it is here today with us and it is one of my personal favorite passions because I know I feel good knowing I’ve got an backup I’ve got a very powerful backup I mean this could even blenders and I’m thinking about your bug zappers and even a small refrigerator this could power up yeah I mean I want you to get at home you’ve got that 90 days right that’s gonna get you more than halfway through hurricane season get a home and put it through its paces and if it doesn’t do everything I say it does here on air well bring it back but I guarantee you it’s going to it’s gonna be that your your your your mate for when there’s no power and watch this I unplugged my TV from here plugged it into my second Eco flow here because I just want to show you how powerful this it’s a 32 inch high-definition flat-screen TV and watch I’m not tethered to anything here but my eco flow and I can walk away I can carry this out to the patio to the boat to the RV to the you know to the to the tent if I want and I can keep my power going but one of the cool things I love about this Tali plugging your power strips at home drooping the amount of things that you can plug in so I’m plugging this into the back here and now watch this I got it turned on what if I need a little bit more light so I know we’re getting short on time here but I just plug that in and so bear with me here what if we’re getting that we need to run our Wi-Fi router just because we lose power does not mean that we lose the Internet what happens as we lose power to the router so watch the little lights on the front of my router here when I plug it in here our routers gonna come on and you see right there just came on so now I’m able to have my internet going again a lot of us are working from home we can’t have the internet down but what about my blender you set a blender and not that we would ever need any of this plugged in all at the same time multiple lights multiple fans things like that but it’s just so powerful I want to show you that it can so now how about my medical device over here a lot of you watch the screen on the front right here again I’m doing this live on air so you know it’ll do exactly what we say it’ll do now my CPAP machine just lit up and came on many of you rely on your CPAP machines and your medical devices use this to power all of life’s necessities when life hands you those unexpected moments and use the little life hack pro tip right here I gave you with the power strip and plug it into the back of your eco flow essentially quadrupling the amount of things that you’re gonna be able to plug in multiple lights fans TVs you name it bug zappers for the camper it’s just the limits are unending so true with all those ports we’re talking about 4 USB 2 a quick charge USB 2 type-c USB 2 AC we are gonna be able to charge multiple devices for you also you know a lot faster when it comes to charging things up but most importantly $80 off our normal price this is something if and I searched I did I searched I thought that I wanted to get the best power station that out there I did I I listened to so many blogs read articles and I made my decision last year to own it and I feel good knowing it’s in my garage and mine is in this case like this on the top shelf with all my camping equipment whether it’s for camping or whether for it’s something more serious and important like you know when power does go out it seems to happen every season every summer no matter where you live but I do want to give out last call I think we have seven or eight left in the white we have less than hundred in the Rose Black is most popular Gold is also available and you do get this $58 case included it’s a nice padded case it protects your power station it’s a really really amazing bundle and again you’re not gonna find a better price anywhere but right here at HSN Justin great job thank you so much for over 12 months in case you just pull it off the shelf for those like unexpected one charge absolutely 18 month warranty and then of course 90 days to be able to enjoy it and see it for yourself how much power you’re gonna be able to enjoy so we’re gonna move into our next look at our today’s special which is from DeLonghi speaking of keeping us cool in the meantime we have a monthly special from Andrew Lessman we like to share with you periodically here he to tell you more and I’ll meet you on the other side hi there Andrew Lessman here in an unusual role normally I’m the gap