Our House Tour: One Year Update — What’s Organized? What’s Not?

hey it’s Abby and today I’m roused togive you a home tour of our entire room we moved into this house about a yearago and so I thought it “wouldve been” recreation to show you what we’ve done to it so farand too tell you a little bit about some of our programs going forward ourhouse is nowhere close to being done we still have a lot of things on our todolist but you’ll kind of get to see what we’ve done one year in. Time to give you a little bit ofbackground we constructed this house with a community builder which unlike a customhome means that we had some say over elementaries of what everything looks like butwe had kind of restriction alternatives to choose from so what we’ve tried to do and whatwe plan on doing going forward is to really take this basic builder gradehouse and make it our own with personalized customizations to reallymatch our wording and our family’s needs so this is the entry it’s kind of smallit’s big enough to fit kind of this little piece of furniture we found thatwas the excellent length that allows us to have some storage room and we haven’tpainted hardly anything our house you’ll notice a good deal of grey walls and that isbecause we are gonna have an appointment with the Builder in a marry weeks andthey check everything out and fix any wall daddies and then we will be paintinggalore so right now that’s why so many of the walls are white time becausethat’s what the Builder depicted them and we haven’t changed them yet so nextlet’s psyche over into the dining room so this is our dining room we have done a pair different things in here.We added a new lamp fixture we likewise lent theseplantation screens which we affection. Donnie is still going to frame out thesewindows you notice they don’t have any real adornment on them right nowand you’ll investigate an example of that when we head into the living room so that isstill on the todo list we are using our table the same table that we had in ourlast room but again Donnie is kind of the project guy around here and he isplanning on build a brand-new table for this room so I’m really excited for thatmy grandmother’s hutch is in the angle I love it we had it in our olddining room as well.It’s really special because it used to belong to her and wepainted it and now it fits in with our decor and I love to decorate it for eachseason so next let’s brain on into the kitchen. If you’ve been following ourchannel at all you’ve seen a lot of our kitchen we are only did a kitchen safarus lastweek so if you want to see inside all of our closets you can check that outwe’ll link to all our kitchen videos below this is actually one of the roomswhere we’ve done the most work so far one of the first things we did waschange out the countertops we didn’t love any of our makes countertopoptions so we just had them put in the standard countertops that came with thehouse and we replaced them with quartz.Donnie also installed a brand-new backsplashthere was no backsplash before we are therefore included a marble subway tile backsplashwhich I repute genuinely adds a lot to the kitchen along with that we lent a lotof our own custom decorate study again our residence didn’t have very much character tobegin with so we are adding it in ourselves piece by piece. we did a lot oftrimming out of the island precisely to start the trim chunkier the island is reallybig and beautiful so we wanted to stand outwe too balanced out “todays opening” between the kitchen and the sunroom to give it alittle more character and to make it look more beautiful next let’s take aquick peek in the sunroom “its one of” our favorite areas in the house becauseit lets us sit here and experience the beautiful vistum outside we actuallyhaven’t done much to this room yet we used to have our outdoor furniture inhere but where reference is built the deck that moved outside so we got some newfurniture which we’re affection we’ve installed a new lighter fixture therewasn’t one in here before and one of my dear friends Jackie got us that orchardsign which is perfect because freedom out there on the hill is a little peachorchard so we’ve various kinds of dubbed our live orchard house.Again around thewindows we want to put in some trim task eventually time haven’t gotten there yetbut we do have some beautiful tints that we set that we can lower forprivacy and keep the Sun out a little bitlet’s take a peek out at the floor next our room didn’t have any floor at allwhen we moved in so we recently had one put one across the back and we love it we loveto sit out there and experience the look we have a little seating area where we cansit and talk and loosen and then too a table that Donnie built that we can useto eat dinner have friends over the living room is right over here so this is our living room.it may have been one of the more frightening chambers to me because it wasjust a big white box when we moved in we “ve brought” the furniture that we alreadyhad from our last room since that residence was considerably smaller than this onewe likewise had to add a few pieces.We included the loveseat and our square coffeetable and Donnie also formed those builtins around the TV expending the IKEAbesta system we adore that because not only do I get to decorate it forevery season which I adoration but it also gives us lots of storage so we canorganize our DVDs or the sons video games or anything that we need to keepin this immediate area. another project that we’ve done in here was to pare outthe windows I’ve been talking about that in some of the other apartments and hopefullywe will have that done in the rest of the house eventually but this is thefirst room where we did it and I just think it adds so much character to thehouse and dedicates it a beautiful look.Now let’s take a look in Donnie’s office sothis is Donnie’s office and as you can see it is a work in progress this is ourcurrent project that we’re working on so he has been shaving out the windows andhe is getting all his substance ready because we are taking out that largewall unit in the back and superseding it with something better that can hold hisbooks and his video rig we’re gonna mutate up his table a little bitand time computed smarter storage in this space it’s not a huge space there are alot of things that he wants to fit in here and so we’re gonna make-up that happenand we’re kind of in the middle of things right now so that’s what it looksthe room it does.That about does it for downstairs let’s manager on upstairs we’ve actually done much less workupstairs still further than “were having” downstairs but the boys room is the one room thatwe wanted to make sure we got finished straight off so they felt like they wereat home so this is their space this is basically just where they sleep becausethey have a playroom across the way that I’ll support you in a second they actuallychose to share a room they shared one in our last house and they wanted to shareagain so we created this opening got them some new bottoms they’re using an existingdresser that we already had and this is where they sleep.Next we’ll make a quickstop in the laundry room and then head over to their playroom the laundry roomis right next door to the boys apartment I desire having our laundry room upstairswe have literally just putting in place our washer and dryer in now and then leftit as is eventually we would like to positioned maybe some closets for more storage ourlinen closet is in here but it’s teeny tiny we would love to settled a beautifulbacksplash deepen out the light fixture and only make it a little prettier inthis space. So this is the boys playroom you are pretty much witnessing a miraclein the Lawson household right now because it never looks this cleanthere’s always toys everywhere this is usually the chamber where I really close thedoor and try not to think about it we are actually due for a purify in thisroom every three to six months I try to go through the playthings with the boys andget rid of whatever they’re not exploiting anymore and donate it so that we cankeep this room as jumble free as is practicable which if you’re a parent youknow that is a challenge with playthings we mostly just given all of the organizersthat we had in our last house in this room they’re working pretty well.So theboys are getting older they don’t play with toys as much as they formerly didespecially Connor who’s eight doesn’t waste much time in here. Caleb still doesbut there are I know there are still toys in here that he’s kind of outgrownso we want to get rid of all of those and declutter this room a little bit andwe will be sure to do a video of that and set it on our canal when we do.Nowlet’s take a peek into our guest room this is our guest room it’s another roomthat we haven’t really done that much to we just use it if we have friends orfamily stay overnight which is just very occasionally. I too sit on thebed sometimes to fold laundry but that’s about it in this room. If you followed myblog for a while you might recognize some of the cases from our old housethis is the bunked that we is set out in our last-place house and the nightstands and the lampsthat dresser used to be in the boys area in our aged room so it’s just various kinds of amismatch of all the leftover furniture that we had and someday we will makethis an oasis for our guests to stay in but we just haven’t gotten there hitherto nowwe’ll intelligence to my favorite chamber in the house my office.Of all the chambers in ourhouse this was the chamber I was most excited about when we were buildingour live. it’s right over the garage so it’s huge and it commits a lot of roomto do a lot of creative things with it now as you can see we haven’t gottenthere quite hitherto I couldn’t take it anymore so I did decorate the littlenook country and so that’s all finished but the rest of the office is seriouslylacking in storage.Most of the storage in my last part in our other housewas built in so it remained with the house so all that I was left with when wemoved in here are some leftover sections that we weren’t employing in any of theother offices. I adoration it though because it goes to show that sometimes withprojects you’ll have exactly the shelving or the organizers or everythingyou need and if you can make it look really cute and perfect. other times youhave to time make do with what you have and that’s okay too and that’s whatwe’re doing for now until we’re ready to tackle all the rest of this room whichwill be a huge project.So over here on this surface is where I collect a lot of mydecor components if you seem closely they are organized a lot of them are organized bycolor so I have all the white stuff together all the aqua stuff together allthe blues together so I can find them a little more easily. then on this back Ihave some additional wall art and mirrors and representations that we just haven’t gottenaround to hanging on the walls yet so that’s hanging out over on this side I alsohave practical things like our printer my Silhouette machine and my laminator over there on the side table so I have all those things and then myworkspace is the nook.Anytime I’m working in now I’m sitting either inthe chair or at the desk and wreaking over there I am really excited for thefuture maybe this upcoming year if we get to tackle this space and genuinely turnit into the elegant beautiful role that it has the potential to be. now I’lltake a look in our bedroom this is our master bedroom we did buy a few cases newpieces of furniture for this space but other than that we haven’t done much toit more it’s kind of a recurring theme including our upstairs so the bedis new we got a brand-new kingsized mattress and we got a new illuminate fixture and sidetables but that’s about it the dressers are ones that we had in our other houseactually Donnie’s dresser, this blue one was our TV stand in our other houseand we’re apply it as his dresser here I decorated my grey dresser and we usedthat in our other residence as well eventually we’ll want to get anotherchair and make this kind of a cozy sitting nook in this corner so we have alot of projects on the todo list.Let’s walk through our captain shower andhead into our ruler closet so lastly this is our master closet now eventhough we’ve scarcely done anything to our master bedroomthe master closet was one of the first projects we tackled when we moved intothe house if you haven’t noticed yet I really like to be organized so gettingthis closet coordinated was at the top of my todo list when we moved in thiscloset merely had wire shelves and we plucked them all out depicted the wallsand put in a custom-built closet system from easy wardrobes we have a video all aboutthat if you want to learn more so now I have my side of the wardrobe Donnie hashis place of the wardrobe we have room for everything we need to stay nice andorganized so I have shoes back here I have some gasps my shirts hanging itemsI have room for my longer gowns and scarves and some extra shelf space justto made some moderately entries on even so this is one of my favorite recognises in our housethat we’ve planned so far because it’s so functional we’ve had information systems forabout a year now and it’s working huge for us so that about doesit for our oneyear anniversary house tour thank you for taking the tour ofour house and we’ll obstruct you updated as we end more and more projections alongthe way.Before you go don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing andhead to abbyorganizes.com/ bonus to get our exclusive bonus for newsletter subscribers !.