Primitive Technology: Bed Shed

Decide upon the development discipline reducing of timber with a stone ax The methods are used to participate in the installation drilling putting the columns within the all set pits Dimensions are 2 meters lengthy in width 1 meter He installs the oud within the ground after planting it He presses the bottom together with his foot to maintain the lute firmly "The tail of the fish" one of the types of branches with thorns … Chopping of branches do away with paper and do away with thorns with it remove thorns wooden rafting Use a rock reduce grass for ceiling typical herbs to bind the sticks together link the weeds to the ceiling reduce distinguished herbs position the layer above the other from the bottom up to slide the rain away About one hundred twenty grass ties are set up on the roof Weed association Work aspect supports for the bed connect the bed body to one another Hook the body cane and wrap it along the roads around the bed Longitudinal ligament ligaments work interchangeably place the mattress above the bars The fiber bark you made earlier than filming the clip A pillow of grass Ignite the fire down the bed, in a dry location a long way from the rain the gap down the bed can be utilized for sitting or atmosphere fireplace or storing wood and tools bed will also be removed if not used for more room