Primitive Technology: New area starting from scratch

The brand-new locale Fire stick from the tree( Aproma mullis) Stone ax Strip it off the bark Palm fronds Palm fiber Cover ardor pokes with foliages Handmade ax Wood cutting to induce the enclose Remove weeds squandering a stick with thorns Thorny weed removal Vine weed, good for connecting things Cut off some seedlings Indicates to lay the foundations of the shanty Piling up the props Connecting the pillars from the top to each other Place the door The arrangement is completed A article of stone Chopping the fronds to get straw 100 fronds Separate the fronds Tying the fronds to the outside made by the vine plant Make a depression for the attack affix Slitting and carving a flaming stay The agarwood impounds the base of the stick away from the burning branches at the locate to allow breeze to pass through Make the lute parted Twirl the Oud Some embers are created by friction Blow it to get infernos Stones for sizing the flame Fire continues insects apart Roof covering Cut wood to make a bed Ring the sticks Connect wrap together Put timber over it Make a expanse from palm fibers Firewood was located next to the door Fire sticks at the opposite end of the door The solution: pleasant sanctuary Big bird