‘Ryan’s World’ Star Marvels At Seeing Himself Everywhere

if you watch you too you’ve certainly discovered his face and if you’re a mother who with a kid who watches YouTube Ryan of Ryan’s playthings remembered is a face you know really well I’m sitting down with the most successful youtuber in all countries of the world who despite his success is just like any other sevenyearold boy hi Suzanne welcome to Ryan’s world thank you for inviting me over let’s go in okay it’s Ryan’s macrocosm we’re all time living in it camera a Apple something Baker marker something this dimpled glamour sevenyearold has amassed a multimillion dollar fortune with the most popular YouTube channel on the planet last year he made 22 billion dollars from YouTube combined with a personalized product line at Walmart it’s funny sometimes when I encounter myself like at the accumulate on the Shelf I realize the speck now right here and here I’m here sometimes when real a record next to them I ever try to establish the same thing this year he’s filming the second season of Ryan’s mystery play date for Nickelodeon and signed with Hardee’s to promote its children’s meals his Empire started with a simple question to his family when he was a toddler when I was three I was watching other people and I was like why am I not on there and I started my own YouTube channel his mommy who was a teacher at the time took him shopping for a plaything and he opened it on camera it “wouldve been” his first video the first one was like a Lego train and my second one was like another sheep auto soon he went viral as he opened a massive egg filled with more than a hundred dolls a video that now has nearly a billion views Ryan identified Ria’s hashtag points for many American kids in fact the number one dream job for kids senilities eight to twelve YouTube star followed by teacher professional contestant musician and cosmonaut Ryan doesn’t have time to let success get to his head he has twin toddler sisters who obstruct him anchored and having a good time very fun and sometimes they crusaded each other boys and tomorrow we talked to Ryan’s parents and learn mysteries to their success yeah it’s been really fun we really feel fortunate that we were able to do this the family business[ Music] I know there’s a intellect he is the top of YouTube superstars Wow her defendant was so wellspoken and low-spirited grow guy yeah I think what was special is that he wanted his own YouTube channel and you have a lot of mothers who like come on specially their adolescents out there he is just a natural and a great deal of you know doing the little slice he was he was just wing that he’s a natural and I know we’re gonna hear from the parents tomorrow but did you get a sense from them what the hell is do when you have a child who gapes and how to channel that possible they’re very protective you ascertained there were no last names in the tale they don’t talk about who lives so they’re very protective of Ryan but that’s what maintenances him so natural and just like a regular son not a jaded refined starring[ Laughter]