Sealy Posturepedic Dry Max Mattress Pad by Pacific Coast Feather

IF you’re seeking THE superb WATERPROOFPROTECTION for your MATTRESS, AND need to CREATE A drowsing environment that is HYPOALLERGENICAND ANTI-MICROBIAL, you’ll be able to LOVE THE SEALY DRY MAX MATTRESS PAD. THE SEALY DRY MAX MATTRESSPAD aspects an ideal-ABSORBENT, THREE-LAYER RAYON FELT-CORE THAT HOLDS up to SIX TIMESITS WEIGHT IN LIQUID. FOR introduced safety, A QUIET water-resistant backside LAYER provides THELAST LINE OF protection towards ANY LIQUID THAT MAKES ITS means by way of THE CORE. THE SPANDEXSKIRT ENSURES THAT THE PAD fits SECURELY ON MATTRESSES up to TWENTY TWO INCHES THICK ORSIXTEEN INCHES ON TWIN and full-SIZES. The top IS manufactured from 2 hundred THREAD rely, AHUNDRED percentage COTTON, AND IT will not trade THE alleviation OF YOUR MATTRESS. THIS MATTRESSPAD COMES WITH A TEN-yr warranty against FLUIDS, STAINS, AND ALLERGENS. YOUR SLEEPIS valuable AND SO IS YOUR MATTRESS. Seem TO THE SEALY DRY MAX MATTRESS PAD TO ENSUREYOUR wholly included AND healthy night time SLEEP.FOR more understanding, call 1 800 455-1052..