Hi, Im Tamera. Im here to introduce you to HALO goals~ Now, there are a variety of mattress protectors available in the market however this is THE ONE you want toget! Why? Good, pay shut awareness for the following fewminutes because you might be about to discover now not simplest why each house with infants & toddlersneeds Halo desires but additionally why this mattress duvet beats each different one available on the market! Lets first take it out of the bag.While you try this, the first thing you willnotice is how gentle the bamboo terry surface is in comparison with cotton & different materials. Now not handiest that but the quilting is perfect- simply thick enough to be comforting however no longer so thick it becomes a hazard factor. Bamboo can be super absorbent & what thatmeans is that, after an accident, there wont be puddles around your youngster due to the fact that it justquickly wicks away all that fluid four occasions faster than cotton & absorbs good over 5 fullcups of beverages, which is much more than your typical accident. But even within the worst accidents there’s noneed to panic! Just toss it in the washing computer, washin heat water & tumble dry on low to medium warmness & you are executed! No line drying at all! & it wont diminish,tear or soften within the dryer.Handy, trouble-free care that will shop youtons of time & cash! Does your youngster wake up always at nightfrom being all hot & sweaty? Good, with Halo goals you wont have thatproblem considering the fact that it is breathable & heat-regulating so, whether or not it is summer time or wintry weather, your babywill stay comfortable all year round! Does your child have sensitive skin or allergies? Are you invariably worried about toxins & harmfulchemicals in little one products? Halo dreams is mom-permitted & youngsters established& is freed from toxins & harsh chemical substances, together with bleach! The whole Halo desires mattress quilt, infact, is unbleached – even the skirt – which is something different brands utterly overlook! Actually, no effort has been spared to makeHalo goals both high priced & trustworthy for every youngster. The waterproofing layer in Halo desires is100% vinyl-free – what that means is that there wont be any poisonous fumes to worryabout, your child wont smell like plastic & there may also be no crinkly sounds towake her up when she wiggles about seeking to get relaxed .As a substitute she will be able to now getsome soothing nights sleep with out being interrupted! Halo goals has been lovingly & meticulouslydesigned to help your little one get better sleep, so you could too! And lets not forget how it fits – mothers& Dads just love this option – Halo dreams has a deep 9 inch elasticized skirt made witha four approach stretch knit fabric to make it super handy to position on & take off even thick mattresses…Withoutany fights & with out breaking your back! In contrast to different mattress covers, esp.Those madeof cotton, that wont match & emerge as useless after only a few washes, this one will continueto fit beautifully & will final you a very long time! So, that you could actually just use one over & overagain with out buying a different one! As for mattress defense, it presents a hundred percentsafeguard from stains, micro organism, mould, bugs, allergens & dust mites backed via a 20-yearauthentic, unbeatable assurance so we can final you for much longer than you’ll want itfor. Where the other corporations will simply make emptyclaims, with Halo goals, you get your assurance in writing – no video games, no gimmicks! Thats when you consider that The American Nest is a loved ones-ownedcompany that believes in standing in the back of its merchandise & is entirely dedicated to helping households& protecting the atmosphere. In case you are watching for sophisticated first-rate, greatvalue & entire client delight, then this is IT! Put out of your mind about those trying to make a quickbuck at your rate. Invest in a enterprise that invests in you – Dontsettle for affordable nice ~ You & your youngster deserve the first-class.Don’t forget, luxury Bedding lasts. Inexpensive stuff doesnt – The high-quality of HaloDreams is absolutely unmatched – Make it a part of your loved ones in these days & give your babythe reward of healthful, ordinary, dependable sleep..

Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Cooling Comfort Mattress Protector by DOWNLITE

Extend the life of your mattress and enjoycool nights of sleep with the Sealy Optimum Cooling Comfort Mattress Protector. Whether you’re a sweaty sleeper, like me,or you’re just looking for exceptionally reliable protection, this mattress protector is a greatchoice. The Sealy Optimum Cooling Comfort MattressProtector is made with a luxurious knit fabric that contains Optimum cooling technology thatlulls you into restful nights of sleep while keeping you cool and dry. It’s hypoallergenic, so it’s ideal for allergysufferers, and it features a waterproof backing to keep the mattress free from moisture. It’s machine washable for easy care, and availablein king, queen, full, and twin sizes. You don’t need to be a sweaty sleeper or allergysufferer to enjoy the Sealy Optimum Cooling Comfort Mattress Protector. With advanced technology that ensures totalmattress protection, you can enjoy the comfort and support of your mattress for years tocome.We hope this video was helpful. If you have any questions, please feel freeto leave us a comment or give us a call at 1-800-455-1052..

Sealy Posturepedic Dry Max Mattress Pad by Pacific Coast Feather

IF you’re seeking THE superb WATERPROOFPROTECTION for your MATTRESS, AND need to CREATE A drowsing environment that is HYPOALLERGENICAND ANTI-MICROBIAL, you’ll be able to LOVE THE SEALY DRY MAX MATTRESS PAD. THE SEALY DRY MAX MATTRESSPAD aspects an ideal-ABSORBENT, THREE-LAYER RAYON FELT-CORE THAT HOLDS up to SIX TIMESITS WEIGHT IN LIQUID. FOR introduced safety, A QUIET water-resistant backside LAYER provides THELAST LINE OF protection towards ANY LIQUID THAT MAKES ITS means by way of THE CORE. THE SPANDEXSKIRT ENSURES THAT THE PAD fits SECURELY ON MATTRESSES up to TWENTY TWO INCHES THICK ORSIXTEEN INCHES ON TWIN and full-SIZES. The top IS manufactured from 2 hundred THREAD rely, AHUNDRED percentage COTTON, AND IT will not trade THE alleviation OF YOUR MATTRESS. THIS MATTRESSPAD COMES WITH A TEN-yr warranty against FLUIDS, STAINS, AND ALLERGENS. YOUR SLEEPIS valuable AND SO IS YOUR MATTRESS. Seem TO THE SEALY DRY MAX MATTRESS PAD TO ENSUREYOUR wholly included AND healthy night time SLEEP.FOR more understanding, call 1 800 455-1052..