What is Coco peat? & How to Make Coco peat at Home Quick&Easy Way | Best Growing Media//GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to the channel on this video i’ll exhibit you the making approach of coco peat and coco fiber from coconut husk at home inside 20 minutes here the potting medium produced from coconut husks coco husk pieces/ coco husk chips excellent healthy growing media for orchids, anthuriums, roses ,bromeliads, kalanchoe and any vegetation that require aeration it can be used rather to bark next coco coir/fiber popular style of hydroponic growing medium coconut fiber provides air pockets into the medium it’s a coco peat a multi rationale developing medium, common rooting hormones and anti-fungal houses an best developing medium for hydroponics or container plant growing subsequent the right way to get these merchandise from coconut husk at residence? I will exhibit you the making system first want a Punch-Lok Hammer or any similar beating software now beat the dry husk with a hammer then keeping apart and peeling the fiber after which crushing and peeling the coir fiber with the aid of hand right here the coco dust and spongy component of coir its particles are very small and first-rate next making the coco husk chips from husk reducing or slicing the husk into small pieces with a knife or cutting tool dried husk is harder so we have got to watch out to handle the tools when slicing the husk in any case method we are able to get coco peat, coco coir and coco husk chips from one coconut husk we have got to soak in water earlier than use these coco peat and coco chips due to the fact that it might probably let out salts a good way to kill the vegetation so we need to do away with the salty contents thanks for watching